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mail: sklep@eurofrance.pl

tel. 33 506 50 70

pn-pt 9-17 sb 9-13



Andrzej Żur

+48 33 829 74 70

Kamil Zemanek

+48 33 488 50 75

Przemysław Sadowski

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Below are the information that will help you find the products you're looking for and make purchases.

1. A few words about the EuroFrance company.
2. How to search for parts in the store guide.
3. Delivery.
4. Warranty and returns.
5. Forms of payment.
6. Invoices and receipts.

1. A few words about the EuroFrance company.

Since 1997 F.H.U. "EuroFrance" deals with import and distribution of parts for French cars: Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Dacia.
Our warehouses store about 1 million parts including 490 engines, 520 gearboxes, 8500 body parts, brake systems, car radios, windows, wheel housings, bumpers, body parts: fenders, door, bonnets, roofs, tyres, wheels, rims, seats, exhaust systems, suspension elements, ignition devices, dashboards, switches, BSI, BSM, UCH, ignition switches, locks, gear levers and many more parts which come from cars disassembled in Germany, France and Netherlands.
Quality of all parts is preliminary checked just after they are disassembled from the car. The parts are store in closed, moisture-free warehouses meaning the mechanical and electronic components don't get corroded.
Each part comes with a warranty.
To address your expectations we have launched an online store. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts the range of products available in the store is only 30% of the products available in our warehouses. Therefore, even if you can't find the part you are looking for we invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail to check its availability.

2. How to search for parts in the store.

Because the website isn't translated into English we recommend searching by catalogue numbers, otherwise send us a question by e-mail and include the vehicle identification number (VIN)

3. Delivery

We use the services of DPD. The maximum weight of a package is 31.5 kg. Additionally, the longest side of the package cannot exceed 170 cm while the sum of the length of all sides cannot exceed 300 cm (2 x side A + 2x side B + the longest side)

Cost of delivery:

  • Belgium, Danmark, Nederland, Lietuva, Latvija, UK, Estonia 20,- Euro
  • Magyarország, Italia 23,-Euro
  • Greece 41,-Euro
  • Spain 31,-Euro
  • Ireland, Romania 34,-Euro
  • Portugal 35,-Euro
  • Slovenija, Sverige 27,-Euro
  • Suomi 29,-Euro
  • Hrvatska - 36 / 76,-Euro


4. Terms of the warranty.

In our offer, we have used car parts taken from car disassembly as well as brand new ones, therefore the terms of warranty are divided into several groups.

1. Used parts disassembled from crashed cars:

start-up warranty for the period of 21 days - this is the time when you can try the purchased part, it includes defect not seen at first glance, the so-called hidden defects.

2. Parts disassembled from brand-new cars:

a 6-month waranty counting from the day of purchase.

3. New parts:

a 12-month warranty counted from the date of purchase.
The complaints regarding new original parts will be considered only on the basis of an opinion made by an authorised service point.

5. Forms of payment.

For the convenience of our clients we offer various methods of payment for the products offered by our company. Other, special terms of payment are arranged with our financial department based on individual agreements.

Forms and methods of payment:

Upfront money transfer to the company's account.

Goods will be sent upon receiving the payment. We may issue a pro-forma invoice on request.
Our bank account number (ING Bank) is: PL25 1050 1070 1000 0090 7444 5207 SWIFT: INGBPLPW


This international payment system using a credit card allows for making safe payments (without disclosing financial information) on the Internet from 190 countries around the world. To make payments using this system you may use VISA and MASTERCARD payment cards as well as debit cards issued by the Inteligo bank: VISA ELECTRON INTELIGO and VISA GOLD. Learn more about PayPal
WARNING! A 4% fee will be added to transactions done using PayPal.

6. Invoices and receipts.

We provide a proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or VAT invoice for all items bought from our company.

If you want to receive a VAT invoice, you will have to fill in the appropriate fields on the form when placing your order. We issue invoices in German or English.
The proof of purchase will be sent with the purchased goods, on request it can also be sent by e-mail.

If the company has a VAT EU number, we will provide a zero VAT rate invoice. In such cases the price of the goods will be reduced by the value of VAT. The VAT value in Poland is 23%

We inform that in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance of 11.12.2012 - Journal of Law no. 0 of 2012, item 1428 - VAT invoices do not have to include an ORIGINAL/COPY indication nor do they have to be stamped and signed by the issuer.


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